Philosophy of the casson product

Delivering a Dignified and Cost Effective Vehicle Solution for Conveyance and Display

Welcome to Coasson: Honoring Legacies with Dignity

At Coasson, we recognize the profound significance of the funeral services profession in honoring the deceased and providing solace to their loved ones. For centuries, the care and respectful handling of human remains have been central to cultures worldwide, reflecting the enduring importance of commemorating life's passage.

We believe that the traditional notion of "closure" is inadequate. Instead, we focus on fostering comfort and confidence during times of loss. While medical examinations may provide closure by determining the cause of death, it is the role of funeral directors to offer support and reassurance to those who mourn.
The Beatitudes remind us that those who mourn will be comforted, emphasizing the vital role of funeral directors in providing solace to grieving individuals and families. With this guiding principle in mind, we have developed the Coasson, a symbol of reverence and remembrance.

The Coasson goes beyond traditional funeral vehicles, incorporating military emblems, religious symbols, and open frames for personal tributes. Our goal is not merely to transport remains but to honor the enduring legacy of each individual. Whether displaying a portrait, family photo, or meaningful verse, the Coasson serves as a dignified tribute to a life well-lived.

Similarly, our UrnArk® offers a dignified vessel for the ashes of loved ones, providing visibility for flags, floral arrangements, and other tributes. These elements serve as tangible expressions of respect for the deceased and their legacy.

While funeral processions have become commonplace, the Coasson seeks to reignite public awareness and acknowledgment of the solemnity of these occasions. With its distinguished design and visible emblems, the Coasson stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of those we honor.

In contrast to closure, which may leave emotions unresolved, our focus is on instilling comfort and confidence in both those directly affected by loss and those witnessing the procession. The Coasson and UrnArk® are not just conveyances; they are symbols of compassion and support in the delivery of funeral services.

At Coasson, we are committed to upholding the dignity of every individual and ensuring that their legacy is honored with the respect it deserves. Join us in commemorating lives and providing solace to those who mourn.