Coasson Funeral Coach

Delivering a Dignified and Cost Effective Vehicle Solution for Conveyance and Display

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coasson funeral coach
“I am proud to have the Coasson as another of my signature products. It is very forward thinking and innovative. It will serve the industry well.”

Vernie Fountain, President, Fountain Academy of Embalming and Restorative Arts, Springfield, Mo.

coasson funeral coach
“The Coasson & UrnArk are the most innovative concepts to come down the pike in a decade. It serves us well as we deliver our services and impresses the public.”

Doug Jennings, LFD, Owner, Jennings Funeral Home and Crematory, Sarasota, Fl.

coasson funeral coach
“A hearse in the drive will not attract much attention. The Coasson is unique and will attract attention and interest. It offers a lot of options and innovation.”

Dr. Todd VanBeck, Dean, College of Funeral Management, University of Memphis, Memphis Tn.

coasson funeral coach
“The Coasson and UrnArk are leading edge for our industry. They are visionary, high quality, and very professional. This is a great new image, service benchmark, and versatile set of tools for the funeral business.”

Dr. Ruth Ann Wood-Humiston, LFD, Owner, Walnut Lawn Funeral Home Ltd. and DeGraffenried-Wood Crematory, Springfield, Mo.