Delivering a Dignified and Cost Effective Vehicle Solution for Conveyance and Display

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"The functionality of the Coasson captured my attention for its ability of multi-use in design construction. It was well received by our family members and local clergy with the unique design. It has set us apart from the other funeral homes in our area. While the funeral coach is beautiful and has been a symbol of our industry, we found that the Coasson gave us the ability to have more family Interaction with the end-of-life process by pulling it behind their person vehicle or motorcycle. The uses became unlimited as we were able to take a loved one to the home, conduct the service and have a viewing without ever moving the body. The interior LED lights permitted us to be able to view in the evening hours while never having to move the casket. We serve many cremation families today and not much in the way of transfers to the church or cemetery.”

Cheryl Lankford, owner of Lankford Funeral Home & Crematory located in DeLand, Florida.

“The Coasson & UrnArk are the most innovative concepts to come down the pike in a decade. It serves us well as we deliver our services and impresses the public.”

Doug Jennings, LFD, Owner, Jennings Funeral Home and Crematory, Sarasota, Fl.

“A hearse in the drive will not attract much attention. The Coasson is unique and will attract attention and interest. It offers a lot of options and innovation.”

Dr. Todd VanBeck, Dean, College of Funeral Management, University of Memphis, Memphis Tn.

“The Coasson and UrnArk are leading edge for our industry. They are visionary, high quality, and very professional. This is a great new image, service benchmark, and versatile set of tools for the funeral business.”

Dr. Ruth Ann Humiston, LFD, Owner, Walnut Lawn Funeral Home Ltd. and DeGraffenried-Wood Crematory, Springfield, Mo.

“I own a 2019 COASSON pull behind funeral coach. The coach is very versatile, the integrated Led funeral lighting is the best! I'm the only coach in my area that can be pulled with a novelty vehicle or a motor trike. We give it 5 stars”

Henry Johnson, owner, Johnson hearse and motorcycle escort service llc

“The Coasson has been an excellent addition to what I offer families at my funeral home. Our community is a small ranching town so if they prefer, a John Deere tractor can be used to tow the Coasson, I also have a Harley Davidson trike, the Expedition or whatever else a family may want. The Coasson not only gives the wow factor for people to talk about but also brings dignity to the service by having the casket draped with the flag or surrounded by flowers and be seen through the big side windows. The Coasson has given a new element to my business that no one else has. Another great option for my families to make celebrating their loved one's life that much more memorable.”

Matthew P. Buxton, Owner, Buxton & Bass Okeechobee Funeral Home

“The Coasson is everything we hoped it would be! Our Families as well as the public are very impressed with it. They like the fresh look of the Coasson and the ability to see in. For our perspective it is easy to use in every way and it is a real head-turner.”

Ronald Taylor III, Owner, Taylors Funeral Home, Washington, DC

“Being the only Funeral Establishment to own three Coasson units in Black, Red & White - I give nothing but high praise for the outstanding visual aesthetics that it has brought to service(s) conducted for ALL the families we serve. Thinking outside the box & adding the Coasson(s) to my fleet was the right choice”

 Derwin T. Williams, Owner, DT Williams Holdings, LLC, Rocky Mount SC; Gethsemane Memorials, LLC, Battleboro, NC, and Gethsemane Memorials, Funerals, & Cremations, LLC, Acworth, GA.