Urn Ark Cremation Urn

Innovative Design to Display, Protect, and Convey Human Remains in an Urn

UrnArk Cremation Urn


  • Can be rented to families who, in states in which cremation is final disposition, which to have services or celebration of life services on their own absent funeral home invlovement.
  • Can be sold to cemetaries and/or churches who have bereavement commitees and who serve families absent the funeral home.
  • Can be marketed as facilitating pallbearers, casket style floral sprays, military flags, or, in some diocese, palls, all features not possible with typical urn presentations or with most other urn bearers.
  • Accommodates casket corner medallions which can be sold as mementos separately and attached to the UrnArkĀ® during viewing and service as well as frames for photos or other materials, or iPads for still pictures, videos, or specially-selected music.


  • Provides Professional and Consistant Urn Management.
  • Key Product to Offer New Services and Enter New Markets.
  • Facilitates the Use of Pall Bearers.
  • Accomodates Flag, Pall, or Floral Blanket.
  • Accepts Keepsakes and Memorabilia to Personalize the Remembrance and Reflective Experience.
  • Fully Self-Contained with Storage Compartment for Battery, Flag Band, Urn Stabilization Posts, etc.
  • LED Lighting System Focuses View and Attention on Urn.
  • Amish-Crafted Hardwood Design w/Weather Resistant Finish.
  • Designed to Display and Move Using Standard Church Truck.
  • Available in Different Finishes and Colors.
  • Unique - Distinguished - Flexible!